Direct numerical simulations of hypersonic shock-turbulence interactions


We present the results of shock-turbulence interactions in hypersonic flows using direct numerical simulation (DNS) and linear interaction analysis (LIA). The DNS calculations are conducted with the HTR solver at various turbulent Mach numbers. These results are compared with linear theory by solving the unperturbed problem using the in-house chemical equilibrium code Combustion Toolbox. Subsequently, the perturbed problem comprising weakly isotropic vortical disturbances is solved using LIA. The study focuses on how dilatational energy ahead of the shock influences the Reynolds stress components. Additionally, we examine the effect of vibrational excitation on turbulence amplification by using two thermodynamic models: calorically perfect gas and calorically imperfect gas with frozen chemistry.

Nov 21, 2023 8:26 AM — 8:39 AM
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, D.C.,
Alberto Cuadra-Lara
Alberto Cuadra-Lara
Postdoctoral Researcher at