Combustion Toolbox Website is live!

We are in the final stage leading up to the official release of Combustion Toolbox v1.0.0. One of the tasks was to build a complete documentation on how to use it to supplement an upcoming publication for a scientific journal.

Algo trading: weighted strategy

I have been developing a fully customizable algorithm in pinescript for the last year in my spare time. The algorithm is based on a set of well-documented strategies, each with its own weight (weighted strategy).

Combustion Toolbox is now available for testing

In the poster presented at the XI Mediterranean Combustion Symposium we introduced our first steps toward the development of an open-source wider-scope thermochemical tool. It’s been a while since then and we’re excited to say that Combustion-Toolbox (CT) is now available for testing.

Combustion Toolbox: A MATLAB-GUI based open-source tool for solving gaseous combustion problems

In this work, we present the development of a new thermochemical code (hereafter Combustion Toolbox, CT) that can be applied to gaseous combustion problems, even with condensed species. The kernel of the code is based in NASA’s Chemical Equilibrium …