Combustion Toolbox Website is live!

We are in the final stage leading up to the official release of Combustion Toolbox v1.0.0. One of the tasks was to build a complete documentation on how to use it to supplement an upcoming publication for a scientific journal.

Algo trading: weighted strategy

I have been developing a fully customizable algorithm in pinescript for the last year in my spare time. The algorithm is based on a set of well-documented strategies, each with its own weight (weighted strategy).

Combustion Toolbox: A MATLAB-GUI based open-source tool for solving combustion problems

As a first step towards the development of a wider-scope thermochemical tool, in this work we present a thermochemical code with application to gaseous combustion problems recently implemented by the authors in MATLAB and Python. The MATLAB version …

Combustion Toolbox is now available for testing

In the poster presented at the XI Mediterranean Combustion Symposium we introduced our first steps toward the development of an open-source wider-scope thermochemical tool. It’s been a while since then and we’re excited to say that Combustion-Toolbox (CT) is now available for testing.