Combustion Toolbox v1.1.0 Development Update

I’m excited to announce that the next big update of our Combustion Toolbox, version 1.1.0, is coming soon!

One of the most significant changes in this next version is that the code will adopt the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm, replacing the previously used procedural software architecture. This transition marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of our package, as it represents a shift towards a more modular, flexible, and efficient design and simplifies its implementation in other frameworks.

To learn more about these developments, we invite you to explore the oop branch of our repository on GitHub (now at Here, you can delve into the technical details of our implementation and stay updated on the progress of this new release.

Best, Alberto

Alberto Cuadra-Lara
Alberto Cuadra-Lara
Postdoctoral Researcher at